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What You Need to Check Before Reopening Your Business

No matter how we try, we would never be able to go back to how things were before the pandemic. So many things have changed over the past months that would be difficult to reverse. The mindset of people has been influenced by the events that transpired. And although subtly, a change in thinking could

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10 Tips to Successfully Move Your Business to a New Location

Transferring your business office to a new location is both an exciting and scary prospect. According to a survey, relocation of a business is the second most stressful task for a business owner, the first being hiring new staff. To have a smooth-sailing, successful business relocation, opt to apply these 10 helpful tips. Plan Your

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Seriously, How Much Do You Need to Own a Car in Singapore?

For any Singaporean, the idea of owning a vehicle is enough to trigger a shudder. For others, it’s stuff for nightmares. Regardless of what report or study you check, the country still has some of the highest costs of car ownership. But how much does a car owner truly pay by driving a vehicle in

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3 Car Industry Trends in 2021: What Does It Mean for Entrepreneurs?

The world is about to ring in 2021, which means it’s high time to forecast the possible car industry trends this period. This way, auto entrepreneurs are better prepared to face challenges and spot golden opportunities. 1. Higher Used-car Sales Car manufacturers will continue to sell vehicles, but experts believe they should expect less on

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The Rarest Cars Ever Made

The rarest cars are produced in smaller quantities. Globally, every rare car has added to the unimaginable history of automotive manufacturers. Unlike other modern cars, rare cars are exceptional, and every car lover yearns to own one. Well, most of these amazing cars may not be more liked as an investment, but they bring a

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driving accident

Drunk Driving and Its Dangers: In and Out of the Courts

Despite the constant reminders of authorities, many people still drive while under the influence of alcohol, not realizing the dangers it comes with. Broken cars can be taken to auto repair shops or centers, but a lost loved one is lost forever. Statistics show that 29 people die in vehicle crashes due to drunk driving

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